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Today, the bad reviewer got such a piece of news. . .

今天,糟糕的评论者得到了这么一条消息。 。 。

Seeing this news, the bad reviewer felt a bit complicated. Hey, Sega is already 60 years old. . .

看到这个消息,糟糕的审稿人感到有些复杂。嘿,世嘉已经60岁了。 。 。

Now when it comes to home game consoles, everyone will think of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft for the first time, but there were four home game console manufacturers in the past, and one was Sega.


Unfortunately, Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years. . .

可惜河东三十年,河西三十年。 。 。

Today, I will take this opportunity to talk to everyone about this once king.


Sega’s predecessor dates back to 1940, and has been dealing with games since he was born.




At the time of World War II, three American businessmen established a company called Standard Games to provide entertainment to military bases, selling jukeboxes, slot machines, and the like, which was later renamed Service Games.

第二次世界大战时,三名美国商人成立了一家名为Standard Games的公司,为军事基地提供娱乐,出售自动点唱机,老虎机等,后来更名为Service Games。

The business was pretty good, but around 1951, the United States imposed a series of restrictions on gambling equipment. The company looked at the US military stationed in Japan when the situation was not right, and its business slowly moved to Japan.


Later, after a wave of dissolution and merger, today’s Sega was born.


Despite the repeated tossing, in the final analysis, it is still in the field of games. With the accumulation in this field, Sega has become well-rounded! In 1979, the annual income exceeded 100 million US dollars.

尽管反复折腾,但归根结底,它仍然处于游戏领域。随着这一领域的积累,世嘉已变得全面! 1979年,年收入超过1亿美元。

But the time came in 1982,


Under the tide of the times, Sega, which focuses on the arcade business, could not hold on, and decided to enter the home market.


In 1983 Sega launched its first home game console SG-1000, and equipped with a keyboard, SC-3000 can be programmed in BASIC language.


But on the same day Nintendo also launched a new product, which is


Although the SG-1000 has never played a price-friendly and high-performance FC, Sega is not convinced. . .

尽管SG-1000从未使用过价格友好的高性能光纤通道,但世yobo体育app嘉公司并未对此表示信服。 。 。

In order to compete with Nintendo’s FC, Sega quickly improved its own game consoles, and later introduced models such as the Sega Mark III. It is hard to separate from Nintendo, and its sales are quite impressive.

为了与任天堂的FC竞争,世嘉迅速改进了自己的游戏机,后来又推出了世嘉Mark III等型号。它很难与任天堂分开,它的销量非常可观。

But in the end Sega still lost to Nintendo. The bad reviewer thinks


Everyone can recall, how many well-known Sega games do you know?


The bad reviews include "Youyou Hakushu" and "Sonic the Hedgehog". Of course, these games are also quite fun.

差评包括“ Youyou Hakushu”和“ Sonic the Hedgehog”。当然,这些游戏也很有趣。

Take "Youyou Hakushu" for example, this game is adapted from the Moqiang united warfare part of Fujian Yibo's comics. I believe that many friends have seen it. It is very playable, can be multiplayer battles, and has rich moves. .

以“幽游白书”为例,该游戏改编自福建艺博漫画的魔强联战部分。我相信很多朋友都看过。它非常可玩,可以进行多人战斗,并且动作丰富。 。

One of my friends who had played "Youyou Hakushu" said that it is fun, and I played this game when I was a child and had broken several handles.

我的一个玩过“ Youyou Hakushu”的朋友说这很有趣,我在小时候就玩过这个游戏,摔坏了几个手柄。

But what about FC?


" Super Mario "! "Contra"! "Red Fortress"! "Ninja Dragon Sword Legend" and so on,

“超级马里奥”! “相反”! “红色要塞”! 《忍者龙剑传》等

And many games you can only play on FC, which is simply exclusive. . .

许多游戏只能在FC上玩,这是独家的。 。 。

Faced with this situation, how do you choose?


When Nintendo and Sega had a hard time fighting,


Sony was very sad. He contacted Nintendo and Sega to cooperate, but they were both disgusted, and finally he was so angry that he decided to stand on his own.


However, with the friendly selling price and the simultaneous launch of many killer games "Anti-Gravity Racing" and "Tekken", it instantly made game players line up for PS.

但是,凭借友好的售价以及同时推出的许多杀手级游戏“ Anti-Gravity Racing”和“ Tekken”,它立即使游戏玩家排队购买PS。

Sony, which has been dismissed by two industry overlords successively, has successfully emerged.


When the time came to 1999, Sega launched the Dreamcast. The price of this console in North America was 199 US dollars (100 US dollars cheaper than PS)!


In addition, the first game lineup is very impressive, such as "Sonic Adventure", "Sword Soul", etc., and the sales exploded directly.


Later, Sega also launched some very powerful games, such as "Shenmue" in 1999.


Players can wander around in the open world at will, interact with the game scene, NPC also has independent logic, and the game scale of this kind of fully 3D game "Shenmue" is unprecedented.


In addition to the main storyline, players can also play various mini games in it, such as working to make money


As an open-world game, most players truly "alive" into the game world, but unfortunately "Shenmue" ended that year.


After all, Dreamcast’s opponent is PS2. . .

毕竟,Dreamcast的对手是PS2。 。 。

In January 2001, Sega held a press conference,


All that is left to future generations are infinite sighs, and some sketches.


Although the current Sega


As a game manufacturer, he has made many popular games, such as "Persona", "Longyu", "All Battle" series, etc.

作为游戏制造商,他制作了许多受欢迎的游戏,例如“ Persona”,“ Longyu”,“ All Battle”等系列。

Then I am still continuing my old line of business, doing game machines and claw machines, and there are a bunch of game center buildings in Akihabara. . .

然后,我仍然继续我的老行业,做游戏机和爪机,并且在秋叶原有很多游戏中心大楼。 。 。

Sega, who had repeatedly fought and failed in the field of home consoles with Nintendo, Sony and other bigwigs, was not easy to last so long.


Nowadays, one mind to make game software and old slot machines and claw machines continues to shine in the game industry. It is also good for this 60-year-old company


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